I spent so many years under the misconception that I didn’t need therapy. Last year when I lost 3 family members and almost a fourth to the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself in a place of deep sorrow, grief, and hopelessness. God finally opened my eyes to my need for therapy, and He led me to Sharon. Throughout this last year, Sharon has been a source of comfort, kindness, support, and guidance in my life. By being a reliable presence, Sharon has led me to realize many truths of things I have struggled with, and she so graciously and patiently helped me to process each one. It’s a blessing that Sharon is a genuine follower of Christ, and I am grateful to have a counselor that sees and shares things through a Biblical perspective. I feel seen, cared for, and a little bit wiser after each session with Sharon. There are not many people who genuinely listen to everything you have to say, and Sharon is one of the few. She is a caring, gifted, and incredibly intelligent therapist that anyone would be blessed to work with.


I experienced tremendous growth and healing in my (almost) two years with Sharon. Her honesty, support and sweet grace has led me to great breakthroughs and growth as a person and Christian. I feel less stressed, anxious, and depressed – I have tools and the words to express and cope with my stressors, thanks to Sharon and hard work. Not only is she a phenomenal counselor, but I can also message her on my own time when I need quick support over text and a sense of peace. I can sit in my sweats, not be embarrassed to cry, and pour my guts out during our sessions. God sent her to save me during my time of need and she stood up to the call. She is very knowledgeable (she has some of the highest licensing in her field) and the sessions have worked wonders for me in guiding me through tough times and a deep depression/state of despair. As I walk through life with her support, I feel at ease and at peace having the guidance I need along w/God’s word. I have been truly blessed by my treatment and support from Sharon. I came out on the other side of a depression, feeling whole and full of purpose. And now medication free, with her support! Now I look forward to her continued support and guidance as I grow my family and take on new and exciting experiences. Thank you, dear Sharon for meeting me where I was and helping me stand up to life and see the beauty that it and God holds.


I started seeing Samantha in 2020 as I was seeking a trauma informed therapist for my then 5year old daughter. Our family had just suffered an unexpected loss and my husband and I noticed our daughter was acting out of character with physical and emotional aggression- biting and hitting herself and others. We didn’t know where to start or how to help her and felt desperate for guidance and parental support.

Over the next several months, Samantha helped us understand how trauma affects the brain and how the behavioral changes we were seeing in our daughter were ways she was trying to regulate her emotions. Samantha helped us by teaching us skills to help guide our parenting and help our daughter through processing the loss of her grandfather whom she was extremely close.

As my daughter began to show positive changes and attitudes as we were implementing these skills, I found myself curious to explore some of the mixed emotions I was feeling during the counseling sessions with Samantha because I felt so safe and supported by her already.

Not only had Samantha guided me in helping my daughter process the loss of her grandfather she has helped me personally manage anger, panic attacks and depression, toxic self talk and physical manifestations of anxiety.

Samantha is a skilled, intelligent, person focused therapist who takes a holistic approach in her practice which prioritizes physical, mental and spiritual well-being. She has a gentle, nurturing personality and a warm, professional manner in which she practices. Her counsel has helped me recognize some of the patterns of shame, anxiety and toxic messages of trauma in my life. In moments when I wanted to give up she has been a source of safety, encouragement and peace as well as a place where I can share victories as well as the messy complicated stuff. She has helped me accept that this is a healing Journey and that it is ok to not be ok.

I think the biggest impact she has had on my life is that my view of myself and of God has changed for the better since knowing her.

I am just so grateful for Sharon Klein Counseling and for Samantha. Here, you will find a safe and trusting relationship where support and hope in healing is possible.


God led to me to Sharon and her practice in a very transitional time in my life. I had just returned from college and moved back into my parents home after many years. It was during college that I began to develop panic attacks and heightened levels of anxiety, leading down a path of depression. It was also during that time that God pursued me and I became a Christian. Coming back home was tough. I had a career path, but no job. I had some tools from my previous college counselor. But I was lost. So I felt that I should start up counseling again. I googled “christian counselor near me” and God led me to two people, one who didn’t pick up their phone and the other, who I had a good feeling about it. And guess who the latter was? Sharon Klein, yup that’s right. And since I’ve met Sharon, my life has changed for the better. Most weeks that I go in, I find myself unloading my cares and stresses. And not only have I found a confidant in Sharon, but also a very capable and considerate counselor, a true believer in Christ. Through my many interactions with Sharon, God unfolded the things in my life that I held to, the things I struggled with. And whenever I brought them before Sharon, I never felt judged. I always felt cared for. But for the things I held on to selfishly, she gently guided me away from them in prayer and in love. And that’s the beauty behind Sharon and her practice, it’s a ministry for her, not just a job. She truly cares for those who she takes under wings.