Meet the Team

We are all human.

Being human can be hard. But it is beautiful too. In the beautiful mess that surrounds you I will help you discover who you were made to be. I have a heart for working with people who seek to build their relationship with God, or at least are curious about how God fits into the picture. Emotions are complex. I will help you get to the core of what is going on, understanding how you are wired, what drives you and makes you tick in order to help you gain insight as to what your next steps should be. I will help you recognize patterns and see how your thoughts and learned behaviors have impacted what you believe about yourself and how you can move forward toward your goals. My desire and passion is to be intentional about treating the whole person. This includes your emotional, mental and spiritual needs. It is a privilege that I do not take lightly. It is so important to acknowledge the impact that each of these components plays in your life and understanding that faith is a significant part of mental health.

Some people are curious about my background and training. I graduated with a bachelor's degree from CW Post - Long Island University. I simultaneously completed my master’s degree in social work from Stony Brook University and began my training as Licensed Professional Christian Counselor at Liberty University. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (NY license number R079738) with the "R" psychotherapy privilege which indicates advanced training and experience specifically in providing psychotherapy. I then became a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor in 2009. I also have advanced post-graduate training from Florida Institute of Technology and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2010.

I am an active member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, the National Association of Social Workers, The New York State School Social Workers Association and the National Association of Christian Social Workers.

Most recently, I became certified in Telemental Health. I offer personalized counseling and psychotherapy for busy people who like the convenience of doing sessions virtually in their own home. In addition to face to face sessions in my office in Massapequa, I am also able to conduct sessions online exclusively via secure video conference. These sessions can be scheduled at the same time each week or rescheduled each week into available openings as our calendars allow.



Samantha Fuhrman

Hi! It is not easy to reach out for help or find a competent professional to help you. I’m so glad that you had the courage to seek help to improve yourself or your situation. I am Samantha Fuhrman, a licensed social worker. I graduated from Cairn University with a Bachelor’s degree in Bible and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. I then earned my Master’s degree in Social Work from Bryn Mawr College. I have worked in a variety of fields, including homelessness, teen alternative schools and residential treatment centers, outpatient child and family therapy, and foster care and adoption.

I specialize in trauma and adoption, having worked in that field for almost 10 years. I completed the Training for Adoption Competence program through the Center for Adoption Support and Education (CASE), and am a certified adoption-competent therapist. My aim is to support children and teens through their loss and grief, their identity and racial development, and the integration of their life narrative. I support parents with education and guided support through a trauma-informed and strength-based lens. I use a variety of models to help individuals and families heal from trauma, feel empowered with effective parenting strategies, and develop deep connections with each other. I help individuals develop skills to regulate their emotions and develop healthy coping skills for anxiety and depression.

I am originally from New England, and moved to Long Island 10 years ago. I am married and have 4 children by birth and adoption.


Samantha Fuhrman, LCSW, ACT

Rebekah Stanfield

I am Rebekah Stanfield. I am a Licensed Master Social Worker in both New York and California. My passion has always been for helping others, and it has led to serving many different populations. I served 4 years in the Marine Corps with the bulk of my time in California. My job? Aviation Ordnance, and although it sounds like the furthest thing from being a therapist my time in the military provided opportunities to help others; one way was as a volunteer victim advocate for sexual assault survivors. I completed the bulk of Bachelor's in Human Services while I was still in the military. In 2013 I began work as Victim Advocate for Fleet and Family on a Naval Air Station. It was during this time that I started and completed my Master's in Social Work from California State University Northridge. I did 2 years of internship for my Master's. I worked at Valley Children's Hospital and Kings View Counseling Center. After the birth of my first daughter in 2016 my career shifted a bit, and became a birth doula. I became passionate in helping woman have an empowered, informed birth experience and supporting mothers as they make the transition to motherhood.

Although my experiences have been diverse; the fundamental beliefs behind each one of these positions are relevant to work as a therapist. Whether you find yourself in a major life transition, struggling with depression, anxiety, the effects of a trauma or another struggle; my role is to help guide, equip and empower you as you move through this moment in your life.  My primary model and therapeutic approach that I utilize is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which helps you recognize negative thought and behavior patterns and helps you develop coping strategies that target current problems.


Rebekah Stanfield, LMSW