Find life purpose & direction, overcome anxiety & depression, learn to cope with chronic illness & health issues.


In the beautiful mess that surrounds you we will help you discover who you were made to be.


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Discover meaning, direction & purpose

You look like you have it all together on the outside, but you are tired of pretending everything is great. Don't get me wrong, some areas of your life may be going well, but you long for something more. Something is missing. And you are not even sure what that "something" is. Maybe your faith has always been a part of your life, but at this point, you are wondering how it all fits together. It may be a source of strength, but it still doesn't bring you the comfort it once did. Or maybe you are questioning your faith altogether.

You have tried reading some blogs or self-help books, but that is not cutting it. Your friends suggest finding a therapist. But you are wondering if that is really necessary. How can a stranger help me with my stuff?

Experiencing adversity is a part of life; it is not a sign of failure. In fact, it is often in our pain that we discover a strength that we did not know we possess. But you don't have to face it alone. I have the privilege of working with dynamic individuals whose strength and resolve shines through in the midst of some tremendously difficult circumstances. Sometimes it's memories from the past that we never fully dealt with. Sometimes it's insecurity, health issues, relationship challenges, loss, or the fear of the unknown. Sometimes it's just feeling stuck. Seeking the support of a therapist during this time can give you the tools you need to move through these challenges and help you discover meaning, direction, and purpose.

Every week, my staff and I meet with individuals who are not willing to settle in their hurt. Instead, We are in awe of their capacity to strive for deeper relationships with their spouses, family members, and friends. They are willing to look at themselves honestly and begin to find healing in that real and raw place.




I experienced tremendous growth and healing in my (almost) two years with Sharon. Her honesty, support and sweet grace has led me to great breakthroughs and growth as a person and Christian. I feel less stressed, anxious, and depressed – I have tools and the words to express and cope with my stressors, thanks to Sharon and hard work. Not only is she a phenomenal counselor, but I can also message her on my own time when I need quick support over text and a sense of peace. I can sit in my sweats, not be embarrassed to cry, and pour my guts out during our sessions. God sent her to save me during my time of need and she stood up to the call. She is very knowledgeable (she has some of the highest licensing in her field) and the sessions have worked wonders for me in guiding me through tough times and a deep depression/state of despair.

As I walk through life with her support, I feel at ease and at peace having the guidance I need along w/God’s word. I have been truly blessed by my treatment and support from Sharon. I came out on the other side of a depression, feeling whole and full of purpose. And now medication free, with her support! Now I look forward to her continued support and guidance as I grow my family and take on new and exciting experiences.  Thank you, dear Sharon for meeting me where I was and helping me stand up to life and see the beauty that it and God holds.




Are you struggling with the idea that where you are not is not where you were hoping to be?


I have God so why do I feel this way?? Anxiety and Depression are very real.


Chronic illness, health challenges and all the emotions can be exhausting.


Marriage and parenting are a huge part of many of our lives. Need help?


Adoption can be beautiful, but it is important to recognize that adoption begins with loss.


Trauma is the response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event(s) that overwhelms an individual.